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Fresh! Fat Freddy’s Drop! “Clean The House” off their new album Blackbird!

I’ve been waiting a long time for some new material from these sonic mad groove scientists from down under and a little to the right, New Zealand. For a minute they have you guessing if they still got it, and then they hit you again with another solid aural treat from the depths of creation. Grab their new album Blackbird! if you haven’t heard of FFD before, than get all their albums, and spend your day off realizing what you’ve been missing. Here are a few treats…

“Clean The House” official music video 2013

“Silver and Gold” live in Austrailia 2012

“Blackbird” Red Bull Studios 2010

“Afreak” Red Bull Studios 2010

“Rain” Red Bull Studios 2010


HI-Vibes: Roots Vol. 1

A likkle mix showcasing some heavy roots, from deep within the vaults of reggae. light up!

1 Black Uhuru – Tonight is the Night

2 The Abyssinians – Tenayistillin

3 Twinkle Brothers – It Was A Vision I Had

4 Carol Kalphat – African Land ft. Clint Eastwood

5 Prince Far-I – Kaduna Dub

6 Little Roy – Bus I Shut

7 Barry Brown – Big Big Pollution

8 Misty In Roots – Six One Penny

9 Aswad – Love Fire

10 Barrington Levy – Run Away

11 Augustus Pablo – Upfull Living




Massive B Documentary

Watch how Massive B builds his label from the ground up, big ups!


Beats Of The Heart: Roots of Reggae (old english documentary, great footage!)

great footage and documentary on the roots of reggae, listen up!


Reggae Music

I love this video, this is what reggae music is all about. Desmond Foster From Sweden by way of Jamaica and England. multi-instrumentalist and producer, has an album out “Under Oath” if its anything like this song or another video “love, love, love” than it is sure fiyah! Desmond and his band bring some sweet rootsy vibes with real instruments and analog equipment to get that irie sound! check it if you can, the  or their swedish label, wont let me access their website???

Some Actual Music…

Well music-lovers! Time to start actually talking about new music some more, I put together a tiny collection of some great new music from around the world, and some recent hits that you should know about. paste (click “skip ad” at top right)

Starting off with a present last Christmas from SoCal’s The Expanders, who dropped a whole album of old-school roots classic covers for FREE! With a tight, heavy-sounding band, some analog warmth, and sweet harmonies, they nail a great old-school rocksteady sound. And did I mention, they’re giving it away for free!

here’s some of their original material!

Now from the old sound to the new sound, we head to SillyWalks Discotheque in Germany who put out an epic collection of brand new material they’ve been hard at work on with some of the hottest talent around, called “Storms Of Life”. Really, they just blur the line between the old and the new sound, and just bring heavy tune after heavy tune that should solidfy their place in reggae music.

Some of my favorites are Peter Huningale’s “Positive” thats shows his sweet voice on one of his most rootsy and spiritual songs. this one hits hard and definitely keeps me positive in my day! Then we have “You” by Konshens, who throws his powerful flow over a riddim that will bump your speakers and keep your head nodding. overall a killer sound from SillyWalks!

Next I’m sad to announce a band I’ve just found out about played their last show last year! they had such a cool, new sound. It’s The Red Eyes from Austrailia. heres the last post.

“Dub reggae monster band The Red Eyes announce final show

It had seemed like the juggernaut would just keep rolling forever, but after 10 years, 38 members, 15 babies, 5 broken bones, 3 crashed vans, 4 releases and a million beers, Melbourne’s rock ‘n’ roll reggae institution THE RED EYES are calling it a day. To mark the end of an era, its time for one only, huge and final show”

Well at least their music will last forever, go check em out!

Next we have Protoje from the reggae motherland JA! giving us a heavy, digi-style nod to InI Kamoze, and a solid flow over a conscious message to his fellow countrymen on “Kingston Be Wise”.

Down the street from Pro, we have fresh chune from recently released, Busy Signal. Despite his legal troubles, he has been steadily pumping out great new songs especially his more rootsy ones! “Come Shock Out” make the dance ram!

We also have this great remix of the old roots song “Live Some Life” or “L.S.L.” as Di Genius calls it. Chino and Kardinal Offishall are fresh new talent and I feel I can play this song anytime, anywhere.

You hard-core roots fan or your uninitiated music fan, might shy away from dancehall music, but man that beat just gets me moving! and do you see how the girls dance to it?! Here’s a solid example of some top notch dancehall, “So Me Tan” once again by Konshens. not sure what exactly hes saying but man the song is badass! tun up di bass!

Jah Cure has started to add a little gangsta component to his music recently, well his voice is still pretty killer and he has a nice flow. Here’s a little HipHop/Dancehall hybrid kinda thing that slams any soundsystem. “Like I See It ft. Mavado” check it!

Lutan Fyah blazes over the Downtown Riddim from Montreal’s Riddim Wise sound, in “Bossman”. Nice and heavy new roots sound.

I feel like a stalker just waiting for Damian Marley’s next tune or collab, but seriously everything he touches is (explitive)ING GOLD! “Start ‘n Stop” by Bonafide!

Someone forgot to tell me about SuperHeavy! I liked “Miracle Worker” but I had no idea who SuperHeavy was! an excerpt from their website: “In early 2009, Mick Jagger, Damian Marley, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart and A. R. Rahman experimented at a studio in Los Angeles, trying to “write songs which had meaning, thus formed Superheavy” What a crazy combination and what they come out with is some next generation, evolutionary, hybrid, world-music. It may take a bit to get used to, but this album is genius! and every track that Damian Marley blesses, he dominates, bringing a whole new, irrisistable element to the song. This is the future here.

One place I’ve always wanted to go to and just continues to amaze me more and more, is New Zealand, besides everything else everybody knows about how epic that place is, one lesser known fact is that their music scene is !@#$ing SOLID! From soul, hip hop, dubstep, ska, roots, rocksteady, and whatever undefinable sweet music they make is called, there is always something good coming over their radio.

Just found out about these guys Tahuna Breaks. great original sound that flows effortlessly from one style to the next. here’s their facebook info

Now I wouldn’t dare say which one of these bands is my favorite over the other. Its utterly impossible to try to compare them, they are both amazing in their own right they are easily in the top 5 of my favorite bands of the 2000s on that imaginary list i just made up. well they are Fat Freddy’s Drop and The Black Seeds, look ’em up, lock yourself in a room and listen to everything they have. Fat Freddy just released a brand new song off their long awaited new album they are currently working on. “Silver & Gold,” worth the wait.

To those who don’t know about The Black Seeds Im gonna start with their second album,

“On The Sun”. you can hear the band become comfortable with their own sound. When they all come together, they create a groove like no other and each song has its own character. chur! I will be showcasing some more, laters.

Deep in Poland, Dreadsquad is keeping it rootsy, with this beautiful live band remix of Skrillex and Damian Marley’s “Make It Bun Dem”. impossible you say? I think not.

Local girl, Anuhea from Hawaii teams up with Tarrus Riley on the steaming hot “Only Man In The World” Not the biggest fan of Anuhea, but this track is top notch!

Local, pretty-boy from Oahu, Hawaii, Bruno Mars, is taking over pop music here in America. He even dressed up as Elvis on his cover in Playboy. but you know everyone loves reggae music, and Bruno shows it on “Show Me”. A nice, classic reggae tune reworked with the latest and greatest gismos available.

Last but not least check out these guys, A soul, funk, reggae, latin, jam band that just kills it, real cool website too download their free album by clicking “download do disco” insert email and voila

here’s a video of them jaming, recording, and interviewing

Well there ya go, I’ll try bring you guys the latest and greatest more often, but let me know what ya think and check these guys out!

DJ HI-Vibes Lovers Rock Mix

A Special Valentine Mix for that special someone

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